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InteGrid Use Cases Workshop

InteGrid Use Cases Workshop

On the 23rd and 24th of February INESC TEC organized in Porto a workshop divided in two main sessions. The first session was dedicated to present the InteGrid Use Cases methodology based IEC 62559 standard and introduce, to the consortium, good practices in writing effective use cases

The second part was a brainstorming session to define a list of high-level use cases divided by four domains: grid operations (DSO), market hub, grid users and energy services. The outcome was a list of 13 innovative business functions for different stakeholders, like DSOs, aggregators, retailers, prosumers and industrial consumers. New paradigms like predictive MV and LV grid management, preventive maintenance or a marketplace for “regulated” flexibility trading are covered by InteGrid use cases.

The next steps are the definition of functional processes (smart grid functions) that will enable the development of the envisioned business cases, aiming at reaching high replicability and scalability levels towards a commercial exploitation of the solutions.

InteGrid Use Cases Workshop InteGrid Use Cases Workshop InteGrid Use Cases Workshop