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From smart grid to disruptive business models

From smart grid to disruptive business models

This Demonstrator will involve 9 partners who have very different competencies and who, together, will develop a complex work that seeks to explore disruptive paths that will shape the future of the energy sector. This will be achieved at the same time as ensuring the security and stability of the distribution network in a complex future environment, while at the same time ensuring a persistent customer engagement, that takes advantage of latent network flexibility not explored until now. 

The Portuguese demonstrator is focused on 3 main vectors:

  • Management of the distribution grid, considering a complex electrical network, using predictive and integrated tools, combining new distributed energy resources(DER) with existing assets, including customer’s flexibility while combining the operation of DER with advanced grid automation;
  • Foster new business models implementing a grid-MarketHub, allowing flexibility trading where the DSO is a flexibility “user” and facilitator, using an Integrated architecture to maximize the aggregated benefit of all the stakeholders involved - Consumer, prosumer, DSO, retailer, aggregator, etc..
  • Enhancement of MV and LV consumer’s engagement strategies driven by behavioral science;

The first months will be used in a joint effort with WP 1 & WP2 in order to exploit the best solutions to implement the identified case studies that will materialize the ambitious vision of the INTEGRID project.

Three main locations were chosen as the stage for de demonstrator: Oeste, Alentejo and Lisbon. Each one of them will be a thematic area, where different concepts will be proven.

The joint effort with the Swedish and Slovenian Demonstrators (WP 4 & 5) will assure de replication of the concepts being explored in these other sites of the project.

This demonstrator is set to be finished by the end of 2020 and will manage 4 main tasks during its term:

From smart grid to disruptive business models

By the end of the project, several deliverables will be created:

  • Detailed specification and guidelines for field testing in Portugal
  • Validated InteGrid Solution
    • “Home energy management system and user engagement solutions”  
    • VPP technology in industrial consumers value chain”
    • Predictive grid management tools for MV and LV grids”
    • “Integrated system for network operation with DER
  • Stakeholder feedback and acceptance report in Portugal Business models, resulting from the innovative concepts


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