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Resume of the Interview with Christoph Gutschi, Senior Project Manager, cyberGrid

Resume of the Interview with Christoph Gutschi, Senior Project Manager, cyberGrid

On December 2018, Cristophe Gutschi, Senior Project Manager of cyberGrid, an InteGrid project partner gave an interview about the “Challenges of the Power Industry in Europe”.

In this interview, Mr. Gutschi explained the importance of VPPs, since they can “(….) collect flexibility and provide it to the national or the interconnected European electricity system, a function that serves the constantly growing renewable generation”.


Another highlight of this interview was Mr. Gutschi vision on how to encourage new business models for the future of the energy sector in Europe, a sector he believes, needs a “(…) culture on taking a risk, a new culture of entrepreneurship”.


The interview also focused on the aims of the InteGrid project, and more particularly on cyberGrid impact in this project. On this issue, Mr. Gutschi asserted that “cyberGrid’s strength is its ability to support partners regarding system harmonisation, to develop a deeper understanding of the market point of view, and to provide technical solutions.”


When asked about the challenges that he has faced on the frame of the European project, and how did he tried to tackled them, Mr. Gutschi recognised that the “Perceptions of the market differ a lot among European regions (…)” using as one of the examples of this reality the fact that “(…) in Portugal the entire distribution is operated by one company, EDP Distribuição (…)” and that “On the other hand, Slovenia, a much smaller country has 5 DSOs.” Despite this and other challenges, Mr. Gutschi considers that InteGrid’s partners are learning a lot from each other’s, “(…) taking the notions from the lab and pushing technological readiness to overcome tomorrow’s challenges”.