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InteGrid has reached its end - Project Coordinator Note

InteGrid has reached its end - Project Coordinator Note

"Dear InteGrid partners and InteGrid followers,

InteGrid has reached its end! A successful end!

After 46 months of hard work and persistence, the final goals of InteGrid were fully achieved.

InteGrid vision was implemented, by bridging the gap between citizens and technology/ solution providers, expanding DSOs’ role as active market facilitator and distribution system optimizer, building customer centric energy services, bringing customer to the core of the energy transition as the most important stakeholder and by last, but not least demonstrating flexibility as a key element when dealing with a high context of unpredictable connected resources from generation to customers’ behaviour.

InteGrid ambitious challenge was tackled demonstrating how can the DSO be a business enabler under an high technical performance facing high challenge context. A core concept arises on the core of InteGrid concept: The Grid-Market Hub, a distribution grid market enabler concept, enabling innovative use cases and disruptive business models and interconnecting distribution grid stakeholders.

By last, InteGrid large scale, multi-country demonstration objective was achieved by running the twelve uses cases in Portugal, Sweden and Slovenia. In one hand, the demonstration of InteGrid use cases in real operational environment through the operation of the developed tools and concepts allowed to understand the potential of innovative business models for distribution grid stakeholders fostering the DSO role of market enabler, through a market enabling platform called grid-market hub. On the other hand, the technical developments performed in InteGrid demonstrated that flexibility-based grid operation is a key towards energy transition, where distribution grid is then able to host more and more renewables and a higher degree of society electrification ensuring the same reliability, security, quality-of-service and cost-effectiveness!

A parallel and fundamental work was achieved in terms of cost-benefit analysis (CBA), scalability and replicability of InteGrid solution, as well as policy and regulation analysis where barriers were identified. The CBA work covered a mix of use cases across three demo countries, yielding predominantly positive results, with an important main finding related to the economic viability of smart grid solutions generally depending on various local or market-specific factors. In terms of replicability, InteGrid solutions were concluded as generally replicable, but more than strict conclusions, InteGrid SRA methodology defined how to a deeper SRA can be conducted based on each EU country specific framework.

InteGrid work on energy policy and regulation aimed to align EU directives and legislation with InteGrid developments and national regulation. The work covered the role of the DSO as market enabler and answered three main questions on the top of it: i) What regulation must be adapted so that DSO can use flexibility in distribution grid management?; ii) What must be re-designed to enable an effective provision of services from aggregators?; iii) What proper incentives are missing so that customer active participation can be leveraged?

A last word to InteGrid team and a very big thanks to all the team members and institutions who directly and indirectly participated and contributed for InteGrid development, who had the necessary flexibility and resilience to tackle InteGrid challenges, during this long journey, which is ending today!"

Ricardo Mendes André \ InteGrid Project Coordinator

Lisbon, Portugal \ December 2020