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Águas de Portugal - AdP SGPS, SA*



Contact Data

AdP - Águas de Portugal, SGPS, S.A.
Rua Visconde de Seabra, 3
1700-421 Lisboa - Portugal
Tel.: +351 21 246 94 00
Fax.: +351 21 246 94 01

Águas de Portugal - AdP SGPS, SA*

AdP – Águas de Portugal, SGPS, S.A. is a pure holding company that, through its subsidiaries, has as its mission the design, construction, operation and management of water supply systems, wastewater sanitation and recovery systems within a framework of economic, financial, technical, social and environmental sustainability. Its mission is also to develop a strong and highly efficient Portuguese business group, capable of responding effectively to the important challenges faced in the environmental sector.

In water supply and wastewater sanitation, the AdP Group operations comprise the urban water cycle, integrating the water collection, treatment, storage and supply and urban and industrial wastewater collection, treatment and disposal, including its recycling and reuse.

Through established companies in partnership with the municipalities, the AdP Group is responsible for the management of multi-municipal systems with the priority to complete the infrastructures needed to meet the required levels of public attendance and service quality to comply with the European average and best practices standards.

The positive impact of the Group´s activity on environmental quality, public health, customer service levels and global sustainability of the sector stems from highly demanding business culture and its recognized by the sector main regulatory authorities, particularly with regard to the considerable improvement in the quality of water consumption.

AdP Group develops R&D activities, in partnership with other institutions, companies and Universities, in a wide range of subjects including novel processes and methods for optimizing water networks systems management. The experience of AdP Group in R&D and innovation activities include participation in several National as well as in European projects, and international awards recognition, by International Water Association (IWA) with a Global Honour Award for the project “AQUASAFE” developed in partnership with an European SME, which is related to operational platform for decision support systems in Lisboa sewage system.

AdP offers operational know-how perspective from all urban water cycle. AdP has the possibility to arrange several different water types, such as, raw water, drinking water, wastewater and treated wastewater, which will be needed for development and test the project. AdP and it´s ‘subsidiaries’ companies together, in matters of water supply and wastewater treatment, covers about 80% of Portugal population and exploits (2011 data) 899 WWTP, 2.187 pumping stations, 6.347 km of main sewage system, 845 water abstraction, 247 WTP, 1.361 water reservoirs and 12.520 water main supply network and 485 Mm3/year of wastewater treated and 611Mm3/year of produced drinking water.