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Elektro Ljubljana, d.d.



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Elektro Ljubljana
Slovenska cesta 58
1516 Ljubljana

Elektro Ljubljana, d.d.

Elektro Ljubljana d.d. operates the largest electrical distribution network in the Republic of Slovenia. The Company provides electric power infrastructure on 6,166 km² in the Slovenian central region (30.4% of the total surface of the Republic of Slovenia) and supplies 739,177 or 36.1% of the Slovenian population with electricity. The capitol city Ljubljana is also supplied by Elektro Ljubljana.
Elektro Ljubljana, d.d. performs network (i.e. statutory) activity and commercial services related to the electricity infrastructure. Elektro Ljubljana owns the electricity infrastructure which was leased out to the company SODO d.o.o. on 1st July 2007, for which Elektro Ljubljana performs various services pursuant to the Contract on the Lease of Electricity Distribution Infrastructure:

  • maintenance of the electricity infrastructure and organisation of duty service,
  • management and operation of the electricity distribution system,
  • development, planning and investment in the electricity infrastructure,
  • preparation and management of investments,
  • monitoring and determining the quality of supply,
  • performing electricity metering,
  • rendering of distribution network access services and other consumer services,
  • provision of other services for the purposes of SODO.

At the end of 2016 Elektro Ljubljana employed 841 employees with an average age of 44 years. In view of the main activity performed, the team is mainly male, since 85 % of employees are male and 15 % female.
Elektro Ljubljana’s recent activities are oriented into development of new services as recharging of electrical vehicles at its own infrastructure is. The important growth was reached in 2016 when 26 new AC fast chargers were implemented. All of them are placed in the city of Ljubljana and had been added to the existing 17.
One of the departments, under development and planning activities, is responsible for the participation and work on international projects. Most of those projects are co-financed by European Commission.

Elektro Ljubljana will be leader of Slovenian demonstration. (Defined under WP4 - Self-sustainability Facilitation). Main objective is the integration of existing systems into a holistic system. Existing and well developed smart grid supporting systems are Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Virtual Power Plant (VPP), manageable charging stations for Electric Vehicle (EV), energy storage facilities and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA). The technical and commercial developed VPP will be integrated with the market hub for exchange of flexibilities as DSO ancillary services and for the technical validation of commercial VPP activations. Slovenian demo will also bring, accept the experience from the other two demos.