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press release

Welcome note

Pedro Póvoa, Asset Management Director Águas do Tejo Atlântico

“Past 18 months of the InteGrid project and hard work it is important to disseminate and discuss the advantages and importance of demo sites to the different clients and stakeholders that will benefit from the project and understanding the innovative solutions presented on the InteGrid project.
One of the InteGrid´s milestone is promoting synergies between small and medium enterprises (SME), industrial companies and research institutions, as well as to share with the project's stakeholders' results already achieved or currently being developed by the consortium.
Therefore, this newsletter will focus on the events where InteGrid project and its results were presented and, also highlight the InteGrid second Review Meeting that occurred on 19th September in Brussels, Belgium.“

InteGrid’s Energy Day bringing innovation to energy distribution

The Energy Day 2018 occurred on the 27th of June at the EDP Headquarters in Lisbon. This European event allowed to disseminate several initiatives, that promote energy transition, through the 28 EU member states. The InteGrid Energy Days organized by the project consortium and entitled “From Intelligent Energy Solutions to disruptive business models”, aimed to promote synergies between small and medium enterprises (SME), industrial companies and research institutions, as well as to share with the project's stakeholders' results already achieved or currently being developed by the consortium. This event gathered around 100 participants from more than 10 nationalities.


Pedro Godinho Matos, InteGrid project coordinator, welcomed the participants and opened the event with an overview of the project, followed by several sessions, where both academia and technology organizations shared their perspectives.


Jorge Vasconcelos, from NEWES (NEW Energy Solutions), as keynote speaker opened the afternoon session, which was followed by a debate with several project stakeholders moderated by Ferreira Pinto, Director at EDP Distribuição.


Being InteGrid’s Energy Day a forum for innovative vision, in the final part of the day 10 startups presented disruptive solutions on three areas: Electric Vehicles (EV), Smart Grid technology and Renewable Energies


On the EV topic we had INFRAENER, a company focused on three sectors: energy, special installation and maintenance. Regarding special installations, the company is working on the creation of intelligent renewable energy generation systems/stations for charging EVs. Another of the companies working on EV technology is EVolution, focused on electric mobility sector and with a special focus on BATT, a product designed and developed with reused certified batteries used for several applications, where the goal is to reduce waste of material and cost. Accordingly, with IEA Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2018, there is already over 3 million electric cars on the road, so there is a need to be prepared to answer this massive transformation.
On the Smart Grid technology topic, we had Bandora, Ionseed, Lightenjin, Trigger Systems and Watt-IS. The first company is focused on turning buildings more intelligent by adapting buildings to people, to new challenges of energy consumption and to EU Directives regarding Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. The second company, Ionseed, a high performance IOT infrastructure, presented distributed energy storage as service for answering to renewable energy sources as the only source of energy consumption, by controlling how consumers store energy in batteries and heaters. The third, Lightenjin, with smart lighting and smart sensors solutions pretend to make cities smarter by taking advantage of lights distribution to give useful information such as EV charging stations availability, streets security and others, to several kinds of users. The fourth company is an eco-innovative startup with a worried look on the increase of food demand and increase of RE, uses power flexibility to increase efficiency and demand with irrigation systems. The last company on this topic, Watt-IS, focus on smart metering data and the use of this data by improving users’ energy consumption activities through energy efficiency with a virtual energy manager that give users notification with suggestions.
On the Renewable Energies topic, we had Jungle.ai, SOLROM and PEAKapp. Jungle.ai is at the forefront of applied research in artificial intelligence, targeting the ever expanding streams of data within organisations to help to predict what operations will look like in the near future. SOLROM is a consultant specialized on solar remote operations and maintenance and PEAKapp is a consortium composed of a team of complementary organizations tackling the challenge of developing smart services to better utilise electricity from renewable sources. The EU set by 2020 the target of 20% final energy consumption from renewable sources. Latest news from June of this year show a new target for 2030 agreed by the Commission, the Parliament and the Council for 32% of renewables.


Ângelo Sarmento, Administrator at EDP Distribuição, closed the session stressing that events like this “open the way to the future”, a more intelligent future for electric grids. The event presentations can be consulted here and the event video here.

Past Events

In the last months InteGrid project has participated in several conferences and workshops, oriented towards the public debate and academic discussion related with the development of smarter grids, indubitably, a central theme for a more sustainable future. Look at some of the events:

InteGrid Review Meeting - Belgium, September 2018

On 19th September took place in Brussels, Belgium, InteGrid first Review Meeting. The focus of this gathering was to evaluate the progress of project’s work packages and the results achieved during the first 18 months.


So far, the project already achieved the following milestones:
  • In 2017:
    • Use Cases (plan and development)
    • System architecture
  • In 2018:
    • Fully characterization of demo sites and flexibility potential
    • Conceptual consumer engagement strategies
    • Cross-collaboration between demo leaders to maximize replication of InteGrid solutions
    • Technical specification of the grid and market hub architecture
    • Definition of a high-level methodology for the functional, ICT, economic and regulatory SRA

Now, the first 18 months are completed and the review meeting was a success, everyone was pleased with results achieved so far, giving a good energy for the next phases of project. Next year, the project will be focus on performing the demonstrations and on data collection.

Caminho da Inovação’18 – Expo & Networking – Portugal, September 2018

On 26th of September Águas do Tejo Atlântico (AdTA) hosted the second edition of “O Caminho da Inovação” (The Innovation Pathway’18 - Expo & Networking), an event dedicated to innovation on water sector.


AdTA as a partner of this project invited the InteGrid to be present on the Expo & Networking session and the project coordinator, Pedro Godinho Matos, to talk about InteGrid and integration of AdTA on the project as an important industrial energy consumer on the electric grid.


The event had more than 400 participants from several areas and nationalities and it lasted all day with a fully interesting programme of talks and projects expositions from water management, treatment to energy innovation on the sector. This event was also followed via live streaming for more than 300 viewers at morning and over 200 viewers at the afternoon.


The event presentations can be found here.

TEPCO Visit to InteGrid Project – Portugal, September 2018

Last 26th of September a Japanese delegation from Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO), visited EDP Distribuição facilities in Lisboa to better understand the innovative solutions presented by the InteGrid project, EDP Distribuição and INESCTEC. TEPCO team also had the pleasure to exchange their experience on the energy sector with EDP Distribuição team.


International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies – Spain, September 2018

The Smart Energy System and Technologies international conference (SEST) took place on 10th to 12th of September at the University of Seville. Where were discussed by several stakeholders (research centers, industry and regulators around the world) the challenges of conceptualizing and operating smart grids. It was an event with around 120 participants from 40 countries.
The InteGrid project was highlighted on the first day of SEST 2018 conference, with a panel focus on the project, invited by SEST’ organization. The project was represented by EDP Distribuição, KTH (Sweden), CyberGrid (Austria), GE Grid Solutions (UK) and IIT Comillas (Spain). EDP Distribuição was responsible for the overview presentation of InteGrid and moderation of the panel. In the session, the project was made known from its social aspects to technological and business models.


More information about the SEST conference can be found here.

Workshop InteGrid in Alcochete – Portugal, July 2018

InteGrid demo site in the Portuguese municipality of Alcochete, near Lisbon, was presented, on the 20th of July, to local community and political municipal authorities.
This event gathered around 50 participants, including João Torres, CEO of EDP Distribuição, and Fernando Pinto, mayor of Alcochete.

InteGrid focus on testing innovative solutions for smart grids, such as flexible power consumption, electricity storage systems and the production of renewable energy was explained by representatives of EDP Distribuição to local stakeholders, that also had the opportunity to discuss the advantages and importance of this demo site to the clients that will benefit from the project and to Samouco, the parish in Alcochete from where around 100 participants will be chosen.