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Welcome note

Dear project partners,
The European Utility Week 2019 recently welcomed more than 18.000 energy experts from all over the world. The InteGrid project was represented at the EU Projects Zone, where project results were shared and ideas were exchanged about the future role of flexibilities in DSO grids.
It was exciting to see the public’s interest in this project and the response exceeded our expectations! This confirms the importance of the role of DSOs in the future energy landscape dominated by MV and LV distributed renewable energy sources, EVs and stationary battery storage.
Although no major battery system manufacturers were present at the EUW 2019, the relevance of this type of flexibility was emphasised in many workshops and lectures. For instance, at InteGrid’s demonstration in Slovenia, cyberGRID connected the 8 kW / 8.8 kWh stationary battery of DSO Elektro Ljubljana to technical and commercial VPPs in order to study its characteristics and to develop advanced forecasting and optimization algorithms for aggregated flexibility management.
These valuable insights and practical experiences helped us at cyberGRID to advance our award-winning cyberNOC software* to facilitate the efficient integration of battery flexibilities into different electricity markets. Our most recent achievement of this sort is a commercial aFRR prequalification of NGEN’s Tesla 12MW/22,2MWh battery storage system located in Jesenice, Slovenia.
The InteGrid project is now entering its final phase with many interesting results still on the horizon. As we are finally bridging the gap between consumers and energy utilities, DSOs are steadily evolving from pure grid operators to active market facilitators, ensuring sustainability, security and quality of supply.
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at cyberGRID!

News from the Slovenian Demonstrator

Uršula Krisper, Elektro Ljubljana d.d., Project Responsible

In summer 2019, the Slovenian demo had been completely set up and since then, it is running. The main achievement in case of Slovenian demo is, that all planned 15 smart meters and 5 RTU’s have been installed. The point of its installation is at the end-customer’s location, and the customers are in Integrid the actual flexibility provider. These smart meters and RTUs send close to real time1 minute measurements to the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform. The novelty is, that in our test case, the new smart meters are instead of pooling the data; they are capable to push the data. All 20 customers, who are also the owners of the metering data, they got also a certificate secured web access to their 1 min measured data, over VPP GUI. With this special access, they can observe their consumption/generation at more precise level. Some of them use this access almost every day, even only just to check their consumption diagram.
Our demo deals with two separate, but by the aggregation functionality in common, platforms: the first one is the market or commercial aggregation platform (cVPP), which offers the ancillary services (e.g. mFRR, aFRR) to the Transmission System Operator (TSO). As a part of the cVPP, there is a new developed tool, which is a kind of supporting tool to the cVPP and bases on the Traffic Light concept (TLS). The TLS, it permits or refuses the aggregator’s request to activate a particular customer’s flexibility, connected at the specific distribution grid node. Using the TLS, a possible local congestion or voltage violation in the distribution grid can be prevented, as a consequence of a load or generation change. With this solution of TLS concept, together with the cVPP, the level of distribution grid reliability will not be compromised.
The second platform for flexibility aggregation is the “technical Virtual Power Plant” (tVPP) and this one was developed especially for the distribution grid operators. The operator can use a so called DSO tool, within the tVPP. Usage of the DSO tool together with the tVPP, for triggering the selected flexibilities, the distribution system grid operator can independently from the SCADA, solve local problems in distribution grid. Problems are solved by using or activating the available customer’s flexibilities. This new concept could be used in in the Slovenia market of services, definitely in near future. Currently there is no market or legislation framework which could support tVPP for DSO’s needs. In June 2019, the concept of new services for the DSO was already presented to national regulator (The Agency for Energy) at local stakeholder’s workshop.
Results from the demos are crucial for the KPIs calculations. In accordance to two aggregation solutions, also the KPIs were divided into two groups: the ones that are totally business oriented, and intended to large audience (High-Level), and these ones, which are totally technical, intended for the internal use for making a comparison to the EDP’s KIPs or for the experts level. Doing the preselection of the most appropriate KPIs, we focus on those one, for which also the comparison with the Portugal demonstration can be done, since the VPP platform is tested in Portugal as well.
Further analysis of Cost-Benefit Analysis together with Scalability and Replicability is in place. Analysis will be very important and interesting to DSO, since they could be used as guidelines for new market of using flexibilities for DSO needs.
Elektro Ljubljana, the manager and owner of the largest electricity distribution network in Slovenia, is one of three demonstrators in the project.
Thanks to Integrid, we enable our customers a secure access to their metering data. They can become an active participant and users of developed VPP solutions.

We are now approaching to the final stages of our project and the main achievements recorded until now are, that the complete Slovenian pilot is up and running and that we are in the phase of preparing for the replicability and scalability and for the cost benefit analyses. Meantime, we will perform tests, on predefined scenarios and will thanks to the calculated KPIs also be capable to evaluate the results even on a public level, together with comparison with other two demos.
We are successfully following the main goal of this project, to develop the services, with the usage of existing installed technology but with its significant improvements. Both the technical VPP (tVPP) and the commercial VPP (cVPP), together with other software tools (forecasts of power flows in MV network, MPOPF, load allocator, TLS and gm-hub) which enable the release of the services are running and all our customers are with their close to-real time metering data connected to them. Solution of cVPP was upgraded with TLS system, which evaluates and validates the flexibility bids, so there will not be any violations on distribution grid because of activating the flexibilities (for the market services e.g. for the TSO, the mFRR or even the aFRR). This is new approach on how the DSO has a capability to reject the requests from cVPPs – aggregators, since they use flexibilities of RES connected to the distribution grid.
On the other hand, the tVPP is a novel tool for the DSO. It enables the flexibilities aggregation (grid operation needs). Currently the Slovenian legislation framework does not yet anticipates this kind of a market. The Integrid’s project concept together with the new services and tools have already been presented to national regulator, Agency for Energy.

Portuguese Demo: FlexIP Functionality

Hand-in-hand with energy efficiency and smart cities, FLEX IP , one of InteGrid´s functionalities, not only allows monitoring and control of each individual luminaire but also enables the gathering of different types of data such as: number of people and vehicles, weather, air quality, noise among others. Interoperability and innovative capacity are critical factors for smart cities. With this project, we assure that this step is being taken with the comfort and safety of citizens in our minds. You can see it in operation at: https://youtu.be/TlS2a-InM0A

Ensuring Reliable Communication in Smart Grids

cyberGRID’s ICT solution is the switchboard between flexibility providers and DSO.

Vienna, November 27, 2019 – Smart metering sheds light on consumer behaviour, helping energy players to develop strategies on how to engage consumers to become active prosumers. With the increasing volume of flexibilities from distributed renewable energy resources, Austrian energy tech company cyberGRID’s proprietary platform plays an important role in the optimization of distribution grid operation, as demonstrated in project InteGrid.

Smart metering is a crucial feature in modern power networks: With smart metering, flexibility providers keep track of energy utilisation through data collection. A growing number of players in the energy field are seeking this service, because smart metering serves the analysis of usage rates: valuable information which can then be monetized on energy markets. Thanks to InteGrid, a project supported by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, DSOs can now assume a new role as enablers of cutting-edge energy services, increasing the reliability, efficiency and hosting capacity of distribution grids.

These new services include the grid market hub, an IT-platform where several technical/non-technical tools can be provided, such as energy services to be offered to end users, and generation or flexibility services offered to network operators. The grid market hub as a central point of information can tackle challenges concerning secure and reliable information by providing smart metering data to qualified receivers in a short time. In addition, the grid market hub also allows businesses to offer forecasting load services and provide these to other partners, or to the TSO. Here, cyberGRID’s ICT-solution serves as an interface between the flexibility provider and the DSO to easily exchange power.

“When cyberNOC activates flexibilities, we color them green on the dashboard. Why green? Because they are Green. As should be our future”.
Peter Nemcek, CTO at cyberGRID

Another highly valuable tool developed and demonstrated in InteGrid is the traffic light system for DSOs to manage the integration of flexibilities for ancillary service markets. Distribution system operators (DSOs) will introduce temporal limitations on market activities in stressed grid sections, dynamically adapting to the current and forecasted load on the network elements. With the help of the innovations from this project, exploitation of flexibilities from distribution networks can be improved, which will lead to increased liquidity of ancillary service markets.

Project demonstrators were successfully installed, and real data was gathered from the field, all of which confirm the usefulness of this project’s innovation. This is interesting from a replicability perspective as thousands of waste water treatment plants across Europe can provide flexibilities. Their integration into VPPs thus represent a cost-friendly source of flexibility.

“Increased feed-in from renewable energy sources necessitates an interconnected planning of the grid with smart technologies. cyberGRID’s IT-platform serves as an interface to seamlessly exchange active power between the flexibility provider and the DSO”, Christoph Gutschi, cyberGRID’s Senior Project Manager clarifies.

Services like forecasting, traffic light systems, or technical VPPs for DSOs developed towards market-readiness in the framework of the InteGrid project are designed to reduce investment costs in infrastructure by applying smart technologies, which proves to be of great interest to grid operators in Europe.

In an effort to present these benefits of project InteGrid and particularly its grid market hub, cyberGRID conducted interviews with project partners and DSOs throughout Europe, obtaining insights for EU-wide purposes.

“It is becoming increasingly interesting for DSOs to be data hosts. I do believe that in the near future, when smart metering will have become rolled out completely, online data will become more readily available. This effort will bridge the gap between citizens and technology/solution providers”, Peter Nemcek, CTO at cyberGRID explains.

About us: cyberGRID GmbH & Co KG is a software company founded in Vienna, Austria in 2010. It specializes in the development of virtual power plant and battery solutions. cyberGRID’s digital platform “cyberNOC” is a modular and scalable ICT system that pools flexible resources in a Virtual Power Plant and exploits the flexible capacity for different markets, helps to solve imbalances, and addresses grid stability issues. cyberNOC collects measurement data, calculates baselines for forecasting, and aggregates loads. Other functionalities include bidding, merit order, and support daily trading operations.

Past Events

InteGrid at European Utility Week

In the past 13 and 14 of November, InteGrid was present in the EUW, held in Paris, The European Utility Week is the leading event illustrating expert knowledge, innovative solutions and foresight from hundreds of industry leaders, coherent with European strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply.InteGrid project was a participant in the EU Funded Projects Zone Hub Sessions Programme and also at the INESC TEC Hub.

Past Events

EDP Distribuição

During 3 days, InteGrid had its own stand in European Project Zone, and it was presented in the stage in two thematic sessions. On the 12th InteGrid shared the best practices being addressed in the project about how replicability potential is being addressed, considering the several domains of the project and advance methodologies based on Smart Grid Architecture Modelling as well as the lessons learned so far on the topic. On the 13th InteGrid participated in Sector Integration session, where the Grid and Market Hub concepted was highlighted as a core development enabling the development on innovative business models to distribution grid stakeholders bridging the gap between distribution grid technical needs and the grid customers capacity to provide flexibility.

The participation in EUW enabled a considerable exchange of experience and was a very fruitful forum of dissemination. The presentation can be downloaded here: https://integrid-h2020.eu/event/europeanutilityweek

Past Events


InteGrid technologies presented at the world's largest and most prestigious energy event From 12 to 14 November European Utility Week took place in Paris. INESC TEC was one of the partners present, through its own stand incorporated in the Portugal Pavilion that exhibited three exploitable results of the InteGrid project, in which the institution is the technical coordinator.

A home energy management system, a smart charger for electric vehicles and a digital platform called grid and market hub for reliable data exchange among market stakeholders and providing of data-driven energy services – were the technologies developed in the European project InteGrid that INESC TEC presented at EUW19.

This event welcomed more than 18 000 visitors, in a total of 800 exhibitors from 100 countries.

Therefore, the project partners’ presence is a strategic commitment on the internationalisation of the knowledge and technologies developed under the project, which continuously seeks new stakeholders to address the market challenges. Video: https://youtu.be/Nn9jGAiTqmM

Future Events

SAP Conference, Basel, Switzerland, April 2020

InteGrid will present some preliminary major results and findings t the International SAP Conference. In the last edition, the event was attended for more than 1,000 participants, from 307 companies from 60 countries.

InteGrid will be positioned in the “Innovation” track of the conference and in the exhibition area (micro forum) there will be some demonstrations on the grid- and market hub and predictive maintenance (from Portuguese and Swedish demo-sites). The final agenda of the event is still under construction so please feel free to have a look at a later stage for more details at the event site: https://www.tacevents.com/us/events-uk/international-sap-conference-for-utilities/

GE’s 2020 Digital Energy EMEA Conference 27-29 April, Salzburg, Austria

InteGrid project is confirmed to participate in the next GE EMEA Conference, in 2020. As in the previous edition, the project will be presenting its achievements and main results related with GE participation and major milestones. More information will be updated soon.