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The location of the demo

The Slovenian demo is located 40 km northeast from the capital city of Slovenia Ljubljana. We are going to observe a part of the power grid, the name of the pilot location is same as the village where all elements of the pilot are located, Trojane. Additional information about the village are that here reside 127 habitants, the area size is 0.88 km2.

The location of the power grid was selected because of various usage possibilities of power grid assets. The focus will be given to the commercial customer near where renewable energy sources are implemented and to the interaction with the DSO’s storage and recharging station. Other in project involved domestic and commercial customers who are connected to the power grid will present added activities of the project.

Technical details/ description of the grid and controllable resources

» The grid where a commercial customer with the nominal power of 250 kVA at the connection point is connected will be observed. This customer owns a solar power plant (80 kW) and a CHP. This particular part of the grid is supplied by the transformer of 400 kVA (20/0.4 kV). The substation supplies beside the commercial customer also 13 households, 4 small enterprises, energy storage and one recharging station for Electric Vehicle.


In this project we will intelligently integrate existing DSO systems like advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), demand response of loads (DR), Virtual Power Plant (VPP), recharging station for Electric Vehicle (EVCS), energy storage and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) into a holistic system. Currently all systems are working independently, but in the project we enable the integration of those elements. Existing VPP demand management tool will we be upgraded with existing small scale grid batteries management systems and voltage optimization, control and forecasting algorithms for development of Distribution System Operator (DSO)’s specific ancillary services and active grid management. That means that a signal from SCADA system, comprising all necessary information will trigger technical VPP flexibilities at specific troubled location to restore secure and reliable operation.

Additional technical VPP and commercial VPP from linked third part Elektro energija d.o.o. (retailer) will be integrated into the Market Hub platform for exchange of flexibilities and validation that will increase prosumers participation and reliable grid operation, respectively.

Partners Involved

  • » Elektro Ljubljana presents the technical part of the VPP, the linked third part Elektro Energija presents the commercial part.

  • » Cybergrid will enable the VPP.

  • » SAP will enable the Market Hub Platform.

  • » INESC TEC and AIT will be involved as partners with knowledge and will offer their support at the research area.